Sering2 aja kasih email beginian :((

dear my Goddess and My little Prince in the cross of the island,

it was very-very long time ago we couldn’t see each other. how like you are, how big are you and so many-many questions in my mind to known both of you. i never found you, even just in my dreams. i loose you both, and of course i’ m really-really missing you are so much. my slept was unwell, and will always be like that. i don’t know, what is the important thing to say or just useless. since i was born, i never have good things to told, even to my lovely wife. i just know that  i was loving her but i didn’t know how to proving of it to treatment.
every breath that i take, every step that i make, and every single night and day i just remembered you are. I just only have some worried, fear about you. did you know,… i always worrying you. i am just afraid you be on the sadness,  insuffiency , hungry, thrusty and not enough money for your daily requirements. but, it was surprising, yeah,…. you are make me surprised. however thats you are. you are so strong, and really brave. do you remember about your promise ? of course you know, but let me tell you, you have promised me for not to cry or falling your tears anymore however thats really-really hearting you. remembered? Your son,.. Our son…. known that! so please don’t teach him about the sadness or how to cry. he just may to know how the best thing to do !

I Love you.

Makacih ya cayank………udah ngerjain kita berdua dengan bahasa yang agak2 banyak membingungkan
heh……………Jadi pengen JITAK DECH


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